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After dinner this afternoon with my family I just have one question.
The dinner was going just fine when I asked about everyone’s plans for the weekend my father (whom is the most paranoid,  obsessive,  scitzophranic person I’ve ever known) well he freaked out and was all we will talk about this another time.  Let’s just say the rest of the dinner I quickly swallowed my food and then stormed up from the table. Father pulled me aside and said the problem with my mom was not the double knee surgery she had (part of my pain all day) it was because she had an ulcer. And God told him that she had an ulcer and that was that. Okay so who the hell is God to tell my father that my mom has an ulcer and he can’t tell the doctors. How come he didn’t tell my mother, and I need to know what the hell is an ulcer and whats it do.
This is one pissed off Cupcake.