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So I have a few followers.  I don’t know how that happened but I’m totally flattered. Probably going to lose them after this post. This blog post is about my addiction, my love, and my flaw. 
Cocaine. Them sweet spicy white crystals that burn your nose and numb your lips. I love them.
A presentation comes up, a dance at the strip club and even a job interview. Them little white crystals make everything all better. I know its bad. I just can’t stop.
Its really a stupid story but how I started? I’m a big girl. A fat girl. A girl that’s overweight, and almost all drug addicts are skinny bone thin people. I wanna be like that. So I started cocaine… its very addictive and I just kind of stuck with it. Lemme tell you I haven’t lost not a single lbs from my drug use, but now when I try to quit I go into a dark place.
The shakes, the shivers. The crying and the pain. If I’ve gone a few days without my powder. My body loses its mind and I lose my control of how I feel. I no longer can function. I become mean and crabby, and the only thing on my mind is the sweer powder.
Its a major part of my life. That’s why its getting its own blog post.. I know I need help. Try not having enough money to get into rehab or treatment. I wish I could get better with help. Until then.
I’m Cupcake and I pray I don’t die.