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Yesterday was a terrible day. Self-esteem it hit the floor. The smidge of confidence I had wipped of the face of the earth. This weekend I was informed that I have a bipolar like attitide, I’m a fat cow, and I’m ugly and look like a really old person.. and yesterday I was rereminded… have you ever felt like everything is wrong with your body, and you can’t seem to find one thing you like about yourself? Well it is a terrible feeling. I’ve always wondered how life would be different: if only I had good long straight hair, or what would be the case if I was 70 lbs lighter. The what ifs kill me.
On another note most girls like shopping and I found two rompers on major sale I bought two extra large. The first one didn’t fit and fat cow ran back through my head… happy point of the day. I can at least get the second one on. It doesn’t look great and its not extremely comfortable but it’s a start.
So who knew a romper could change a girls day.
Cupcake Signing Off