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My first thought of my weekend was great.  In my mind it was a bomb ass weekend.  Then a friend set me straight and I realized I made a huge mistake.  Friday afternoon I picked up my best friend from work. We headed up north to visit our old college. We still have alot of friends up there. People we miss and like seeing.  Especially this guy. His name well that doesnt matter. He’s still in college and he plays football. At one point last year I was in love with him, but he wasn’t in love with me. He said over the summer he would visit.  He never did. But he begged I come see him at school. Everyone I get near him I get nervous and shy. Unless of course I’m a little drunk then that liquid confidence goes to work. Everytime we see each other we hook up. No its not healthy but for an hour or so I feel loved and that feels amazing. I don’t get that anywhere else.  So this last time I was not on birth-control and I had asked him if he had condoms.  He did say yes and I had some as well. I forgot them in the car, and he well he didn’t wanna use them. I crave that feeling off love and being wanted so we went for it unprotected and he released inside an everything. Yeah about 12 hours after that I got the morning after pill but I’m scared.. I’m freaking out.  And I don’t know what to do. 
The stupid things I do for that love feeling.
This is Cupcake. Signing out.